Most up-to-date version: [Khan CV PDF] 

2014 version:


2014               Associate Professor (with tenure), Columbia University, Department of Sociology

2013                Associate Professor (without tenure), Columbia University, Department of Sociology

2008               Assistant Professor, Columbia University, Department of Sociology

2007                Lecturer, Columbia University, Department of Sociology



2008                PhD, Sociology. University of Wisconsin-Madison

2006                M.S., Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2000                B.A., Sociology, Haverford College



2012                Russell Sage Foundation Working Group on “The Political Influence of Economic Elites,” $200,000

2012                Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, “Subscribers to the New York Philharmonic, 1842-Present,” $175,000

2010               Alliance Française, ISERP, & Leitner Fund for Faculty Research, ” Elites & Inequality: Global Research Network,” $50,000

2010                Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Canada, “Deliberation & Ethnicity,” $31,000


2014               Directeur d’études invité, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris

2011                Cullman Center for Writers and Scholars, New York Public Library                                   

2010               Chamberlain Fellowship, Columbia University

2010               Inaugural Scholar-in-Residence, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, Columbia University           

2005                Marie-Christine Kohler Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison


2013                Shamus Khan and Dana Fisher, The Practice of Research, Oxford University Press.

2011                Shamus Khan, Privilege: The Making of an Adolescent Elite at St. Paul’s School, Princeton University Press.

In contract     Shamus Khan, Exceptional: The Astors, Elite New York and the Story of American Inequality, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, (spring 2015).

In contract     Colin Jerolmack and Shamus Khan, Approaches to Ethnography: Modes of Representation and Analysis in Participant Observation, Oxford University Press.


Forthcoming    Shamus Khan, “The Counter-Cyclical Character of the Elite,” Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Vol. 38

Forthcoming Shamus Khan, “Beyond Action,” Ethnography

Forthcoming    Colin Jerolmack and Shamus Khan, “Talk is Cheap: Ethnography and the Attitudinal Fallacy,” Sociological Methods and Research

Forthcoming Colin Jerolmack and Shamus Khan, “Toward an Understanding of the Relationship Between Accounts and Action” Sociological Methods and Research

Forthcoming  Jennifer Elrick, Erik Schneiderhan, Shamus Khan, “Talking Like a Generation: The ‘Documentary’ Meaning of Ethnicity for Aging Minority Britons,” Sociology.

2013                Shamus Khan and Colin Jerolmack, “Saying Meritocracy and Doing Privilege,” The Sociological Quarterly, 54:8-18

2012                Shamus Khan, “The Sociology of Elites,” Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 38: 361-377

2012                Shamus Khan, Elite Identities,” Identities. Volume 19(4): 477-484

2008                Erik Schneiderhan and Shamus Khan, “Reasons and Inclusion: The Foundation of Deliberation,” Sociological Theory 26:1–24.



Forthcoming    Shamus Khan, Tey Meadow, and CJ Pascoe, “Women are theorists too: Another 10 Major Theoretical Contributions since 2000,” Contemporary Sociology

Forthcoming    Shamus Khan, “’Humans Cannot Communicate’: Unraveling the Mental Knots of Niklas Luhmann,” Contemporary Sociology

2013                Shamus Khan, “Democracy in France,” Public Books



Forthcoming Shamus Khan, “The Ease of Mobility” in Elite Mobilities, ed. Javier Caletrio Garcera and Thomas Birtchnell. New York: Routledge.

2012                Shamus Khan, “Herbert J. Gans: An interview” Identities. Vol. 19(2): 135-148.

2011                Shamus Khan, “Why I like Contemporary Music and Social Theory”, pp. 109-137 in, The Strange Music of Social Life: A Dialogue on Dialogic Sociology, ed. Michael Bell and Ann Goetting, Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

2011                Kathryn Flynn, Shamus Khan, Amy Klassen, and Erik Schneiderhan, “Deliberation and Medical Decision-Making” pp. 177-199 in Cultural Factors in Decision Making and Action, ed. Gavriel Salvendy, Taylor and Francis.

2011                Shamus Khan, “Elites,” Oxford Bibliographies Online, ed. Jeff Manza, Oxford University Press.

2010                Shamus Khan, “Getting In: Private Schools Play the College Admissions Game,” pp. 97-112 in Educating Elites, ed. Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández and Adam Howard, New York: Rowman and Littlefield

2006                Myra Marx Ferree, Shamus Khan, and Shauna Morimoto, “Assessing the Feminist Revolution: The Presence or Absence of Gender in Theory and Practice,” pp. 438-480 in Sociology in America: The American Sociological Association Centennial History, Craig Calhoun, ed., University of Chicago Press, 2006.



Forthcoming    Shamus Khan, Review of The Great Divergence, by Timothy Noah, Contemporary Sociology

Forthcoming    Shamus Khan, Review of Opera Fanatic: Ethnography of an Obsession by Claudio Benzecry, Sociological Forum

2013                Shamus Khan, Review of Lost in Transition: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood by Christian Smith, Kari Christoffersen, Hilary Davidson, & Patricia Snell Herzog, Contemporary Sociology, 42(4): 615-17.

2012                Shamus Khan, Review of Boys and Their Schooling: The Experience of Becoming Someone Else by John Whelen, Contemporary Sociology, 41(3): 377-8.

2010                Shamus Khan, Review of The Sociology of Elite Distinction: From Theoretical to Comparative Perspectives by Jean-Pascal Daloz, for Contemporary Sociology, 40(3): 298-9.

2010                Shamus Khan, Review of Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape by Josee Johnston and Shyon Baumann, for Social Forces, 89(2): 731-2.

2010                Shamus Khan, Review of No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal: Race and Class in Elite College Admission and Campus Life by Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Walton Radford, Contemporary Sociology 40(5): 580-2.



2014               Shamus Khan, “A Better Way to Pay Workers,” Editorial, The New Yorker, January 21, 2014

2014               Shamus Khan, “Revising US History through WASP-tinted glasses,” Editorial, Al Jazeera America, January 11, 2014

2013                Shamus Khan, “We Are Not All in This Together,” Editorial, New York Times, Sunday Review, Page SR4, December 15, 2013 (also appears in “The Great Divide” blog)

2013                Shamus Khan, “On Chrystia Freeland’s PlutocratsPublic Books

2013                Shamus Khan, “The Promise of More: Why we should support the minimum Wage,” Editorial, Time Magazine, February 21. 2013

2013                Shamus Khan, “Why Paid Sick Days Matter,” Editorial, Time Magazine, January 21, 2013.

2012                Shamus Khan, “The New Elitists,” Editorial, The New York Times, Sunday, July 8, 2012 page SR6.

2012                Shamus Khan, “Why Estate Taxes are Good for the Nation,” Editorial, Time Magazine, December 20, 2012

2012                Shamus Khan, “Working the Holidays: The New Class Divide?,” Editorial, Time Magazine, November 20, 2012

2012                Shamus Khan, “Have we become too obsessed with the rich?,” Editorial, Time Magazine, October 16, 2012

2012                Shamus Khan, “The Rich Haven’t Always Hated Taxes,” Editorial, Time Magazine, September 18. 2012

2011                Jennifer Kondo and Shamus Khan, “The cultural democracy myth,” Contexts, Volume 10, Issue 1: 65-66.

2011                 Shamus Khan, “Meritocracy is an engine of inequality,” Editorial, Columbia Spectator, March 3, 2011.

2010                Shamus Khan, “Should more states adopt Texas’ 10-percent rule?” Editorial, Good Magazine, September 2, 2010

2010                Shamus Khan, “Qualifications for Sale,” Editorial, Good Magazine, August 6, 2010

2010                Shamus Khan, “College is only good for helping rich people get richer” Editorial, Good Magazine, December 2, 2010

2010                Shamus Khan, “College Admission: Race-conscious but Need Blind,” Editorial, Good Magazine, June 7, 2010

2010                Shamus Khan and Casey Stockstill, “Localism: Increasing Political Participation at the cost of Equality?,” Runnymede Bulletin, Issue 363, 2010



2014                “Exceptional: Elite New York and the Story of American Inequality,” University of Chicago, Department of Sociology

2013                “Subscribers to the New York Philharmonic,” Organizational Studies, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

2013                “Qualitative Approaches to Elite Research,” London School of Economics

2013                “Talk is Cheap,” University of Texas at Austin

2013                “Exceptional: Elite New York and the Story of American Inequality,” Harvard University, Department of sociology

2007-               “Privilege” – Over 50 Colloquium/Department Talks, including:

University of Wisconsin – Madison, Harvard University GSE, University of California – Berkeley, Princeton University, London School of Economics, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California – Los Angeles, New York University, Teachers College (Columbia University), Yale University, Stern School of Education (NYU), Pennsylvania State University, CUNY Graduate Center, Arizona State University, University of Western Georgia, Manchester University (UK), Brandeis University, University of Washington-Seattle, University of British Columbia, Tel Aviv University (Israel), Ben Gurion University (Israel), Al-Quds University (Palestine), Washington State University-Pullman, University of Oregon, Reed College, Washington State University-Vancouver, Haverford College, University of Colorado – Boulder, Brooklyn College, Purdue University, Furman University, Manhattanville College, Wesleyan University, Lehigh University, Grinnell College, University of Texas at Austin 

2012                Session Organizer, “Ethnography Panels,” American Sociological Association

2012                “Power and Privilege: Lessons from the Field,” Invited Panel, American Sociological Association, Denver, CO

2012                “From Street to Elite,” Ethnography Conference, Purdue University

2012                “Lives of Elite Youth,” Eastern Sociological Society, New York

2011                Conference Organizer, “The 1%: European and American Elites in Comparative Context,” Reid Hall, Paris, France, November 8 & 9

2010                Conference Organizer, “Elite Research Network,” October 8 & 9

2010                Conference Organizer, “The Craft of Ethnography,” December 3 & 4

2010                “Toward a Sociology of Elites,” Department of Sociology & Paris School of Economics, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France

 2010                “Intersections of Elite Sociology and Urban Sociology,” Department of Sociology, Sciences-Po, Paris, France

2010                “Culture in Interaction,” Eastern Sociological Society, Boston

2009                “Social Theory in Action,” Presidential Panel, Social Science History Association, Long Beach

2009                “Getting a Job,” Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association, San Francisco

2008                “Professionalization and Elite Activism,” Political Science, Sciences-Po, Paris

2008                “Boundary Crossings: Interactions between the Elite and Workers,” School of Education Colloquium, New York University

2007                “Marx, Adler, and Organizational Theory”, Classical Theory and Organizational Studies Conference, Philadelphia

2007                “Adolescent Elites,” Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association, New York

2007                “Extremes of Class Inequality: Children’s Lives in Metropolitan New York”, Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association, New York

2006                “Sexuality at an Elite Boarding School”, Practicing Pierre Bourdieu: In the Field & Across the Disciplines, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

2005                “Feminism, Women, and the ASA”, Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association, Philadelphia, PA

2004                “Assessing the Feminist Revolution” Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association

2003                “Rational Choice’s Deliberative Dilemma,” with Erik Schneiderhan, Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association, Baltimore, MD

2002                  “Manifesto for Theoretical Pluralism”, Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association, Atlanta, GA



PhD                Harel Shapira, Danielle Linderman, Uri Shwed, Jennifer Kondo, Aurora Fredriksen, Vincent Lepinay, Dennis Bogusz, Natan Dotan, Rozalyn Redd, Clement Thery, Anne Montgomery, Terrenda White, Bianca Baldridge, Jane Jo-Ann Jones, Fabien Accominotti, Allison Roda, Emine Onculer, Melissa Valle, Grace Chao, Yardin Mariuma, Seth Rachlin, Nate Dern

MA                 Rozalyn Redd, Jennifer Kondo, Rahim Kurwa, Yann Renisio (Ecole Normale Superieure), David Dieudonne (Journalism)

BA                   Rudi Batzell, Maria Abascal, Casey Stockstill,  Greg Wise (Wisconsin), Eric Reinert (Wisconsin), Amanda Kay Hinze, (Wisconsin)



Undergraduate   Elites in America, Contemporary Civilization, The Social World, The Sociological Imagination, Research Methods

Graduate           Cultural Sociology, French Social Theory, Research Methodology



Editorial Boards:

2011-14           American Journal of Sociology

2012-14           Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power

2013-               Contemporary Sociology

Occasional Reviewer for 21 Journals and University Presses, including:

Administrative Science Quarterly, American Educational Research Journal, American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Contexts, Contemporary Sociology, Gender & Society, Identities, Oxford University Press, Poetics, Polity Press, Princeton University Press, Race and Ethnic Studies, Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Scandinavian Political Studies, Social Forces, Social Problems, Sociology of Education, Sociological Methods and Research, Sociological Quarterly, Sociological Theory



Departmental Service

2013                Admissions Committee

2012                Colloquium Series Organizer

2007-2010       Colloquium Series Organizer

2010                Knox Hall Committee

2010                Junior Search Committee

2007                Junior Search Committee

2007                Senior Appointment Reading Committee

University service

2013-               IRWAG Executive Committee (Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee)

2013-               Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics

2011                Reid Hall Planning Committee

2009-2011     McNair Scholars Advisor

2010                Alliance Francaise, Grant reading committee

2010                ISERP grant reading committee

2010                Selection Committee, Kellett Fellowship

Disciplinary Service

2008-               Reviewer for most major journals and presses (see above for list)

2011-               Berlin School of Creative Leadership: Academic Advisory Board, 2011-present

2013-               Director, Russell Sage Working Group, “The Political Influence of Economic Elites”

2013                Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, planning group for New York City

Professional Associations

2000-               American Sociological Association

2004-               Social Science History Association

2004-               Sociologists for Women in Society

2011-               The Author’s Guild



Privilege was featured and reviewed in media outlets including, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg News, NBC News, Books and Ideas (La Vie des Idees), Canada Public Television, National Public Radio, The American Conservative, The Concord Monitor, The Nashua Telegraph, The Buffalo News, The Fox Business Network, Al Jazeera, The Daily, Freakanomics, and has been the feature of a documentary on Channel Arte (France & Germany). It received academic reviews by the American Journal of Sociology, Contemporary Sociology, Canadian Journal of Sociology, The Sociological Review, Theory, Culture, & Society, Social Forces, European Journal of the Social Sciences, The History News Network, Contexts, and The Teachers College Record (two reviews).