I teach a variety of courses, from one of the largest lecture courses at Columbia on introductory sociology to small seminars on cultural theory and elites. Below are some of my syllabi for past courses. My “official” course reviews can be found here (this document include the good, the bad, and the ugly). Or, unofficially, you can see what some students say about my teaching at Columbia and Wisconsin.

Undergraduate Syllabi: 

The Social World (Introduction to Sociology — named by Columbia students as a “course to take before you die (or graduate)“)

Contemporary Civilization I (Plato through Hobbes; part of Columbia’s Core Curriculum)

Contemporary Civilization II (Locke through Foucault; part of Columbia’s Core Curriculum)

Research Methods

Elites in Democratic America

Graduate Syllabi: 

Cultural Sociology

French Social Theory

Qualitative Methods

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